We are passionate about honey, beekeeping and the traditional extraction process. Beeyard Farm is a small family-owned company that is home to the world’s finest NOP-USDA, Certified 100% Organic Raw Honey. Our bee hives are located in the natural, pure, clean, untouched Timok Region of Old Mountain in Serbia, where there is a profusion of wild flowers and plants. We are the first company to ever bring organic honey from the State of Serbia to the United States.Our nectar extraction process is conducted in the traditional manner that has existed since the days of the Roman Empire. The nectar, straight from the apiary (a place where we keep our hives), is cold-pressed, unheated and the Non-GMO, 100% organic honey is poured into jars.


Our honey contains pollen, propolis, beeswax, minerals, and vitamins. There are more than 37 different flavors of honey and herbs at our certified sites of stationary apiaries. Our apiaries provide honey nectar from the beginning of spring to late autumn.

The species of wild flowers and the location of the apiary, from which the bees gather the nectar, determine the color, taste, and degree of crystallization. As such, our organic, and Non-GMO honey will bring you new and surprising tastes and flavors each and every year. Our changing taste profile is one way you can rest assured you are getting pure organic honey.

In regards to the taste, and quality you should be the judge of it. Most people believe it is the best honey they have ever tasted.


We are extremely proud of our NOP-USDA, certification. All of our apiaries located in the State of Serbia, in ecologically protected areas, are under NOP-USDA Certification. NOP (National Organic Program) controls the plot, beehives, the packaging process and extraction. We also have an internal control process that is performed under the supervision of the HACCP team. HACCP Implementation production is under control of the OSP Plan.


Our quality control and procedures are based on the highest standards to ensure exceptional product quality for our customers. As part of our process the honey is lab tasted at The Institute of Public Health of Serbia and is also tasted in the United States. Upon arrival In the USA our product is under the auspices of FDA and is evaluated to ensure it fully meets their standards and requirements.


We bottle honey from our own hives and work with future generations of beekeepers. These young generations of beekeepers love their jobs and truly love bees. In fact the fastest growing segment of Serbia’s economy is beekeeping.
Beeyard Farm is responsible for educating and training each of our new beekeepers to the NOP requirements. We do this in conjunction with the Local Chamber of Commerce via regular training seminars.
We also support this new talented generation of beekeepers, by reinvesting a portion of our annual proceeds, in order to increase production and enhance Serbia’s position in the 100% organic raw honey market.