Our Team!

Our work is best described as delicious honey that is Organic and Raw, at the same time we want it to be hand-packaged and delivered straight from
Bee hive to the jar.


I'm one of the most experienced among my coworkers, having worked at the apiary for over 5 years. I love that our honey is organic, but I'll share a secret with you...the truffle honey is the best! I hope you enjoy our honey!


My colleagues and I are first generation of NOPUSDA 100% Organic Beekeepers and Handlers in Serbia. Beeyard Farms has taught us to be business owners, bringing our honey to local markets to sell. Don't confuse me as a paid model, I am real person who works hard as a Beekeeper!


As a Team Leader, it is my responsibility to oversee that HACCP and OSP standards are followed as well as managing the quality control of both beekeeping as well as field visitation and working directly in the facility.


I'm one of the most experienced among my coworkers, you should know about our honey first it is Organic and we also have honey with truffles that are the most delicious in whole Europe and we are here to share our little secret with you enjoy.